Flower Guide

           Candle Size                                              Flowers

         Petite or MIni                                              5 Med-Large Heads

            Small                                                         5-7 Med-Large Heads

          Medium                                                      7-9 Med-Large Heads

            Tall                                                             12 Med-Large Heads

More flowers is always better. 

** Include several stems of greenery per candle. 

Using your precious mementos*, we carefully arrange them within the wax walls of our heirloom candles to create a lasting memory of your beloved pet. 

*Because of size and texture, it may be necessary to photocopy some mementos. If so, the originals will be returned to you. 

    Bowdens Candle Creations 

      Preserving your Flowers in a NEVER melting candle, a forever Keepsake of your memories in a candle!