Bowdens Candle Creations 

      Preserving your Flowers in a NEVER melting candle, a forever Keepsake of your memories in a candle!  

Bowdens Candle Creations is creating a beautiful keepsake hurricane candles using flowers from Weddings, Funerals, Anniversaries, Valentines or even your very own garden! Our candles can be lit, but NEVER melt!

Our candles are hollow on the inside so they never melt. They can be lit with a fuel cell (small replaceable container of fuel with a wick) or turn the candle into a light which comes with the candle, base, bulb and cord with

switch on it.  

We take YOUR flowers dry them, then arrange them in the walls and

then pour it. 

​Our mission is to preserve your most cherished occasions into a lasting candle keepsake that can be enjoyed by ALL for years to come. 

​Preserving your flowers in a candle that NEVER melts away.....