Flower Preparation:

Cut flower stems to about 3" long, place in a ziplock bag or brown paperbag  with some DRY papertowels and DO NOT seal the bag closed!!

More flowers is always better!

Please ship them UPS or Fedex because of delays with post office and receiving our mail. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 757-539-0306

    Bowdens Candle Creations 

      Preserving your Flowers in a NEVER melting candle, a forever Keepsake of your memories in a candle!  

Contact / Shipping

Bowdens Candle Creations

905 MacArthur Drive Suffolk VA 23434 US

Tina Bowden



                                           Flower Guide

          Size of Candle                                     Number of flowers

        Petite or Mini                                                 5 Med-Large Heads

           Small                                                            7 Med-Large Heads

        Medium                                                         9-12 Med-Large Heads

           Tall                                                             12-15 Med-Large Heads

More flowers is always better.

​** Include several stems of greenery per candle.