Bowdens Candle Creations 

      Preserving your Flowers in a NEVER melting candle, a forever Keepsake of your memories in a candle!  

                                           Flower Guide

          Size of Candle                                     Number of flowers

        Petite or Mini                                                 5 Med-Large Heads

           Small                                                            7 Med-Large Heads

        Medium                                                         9-12 Med-Large Heads

           Tall                                                             12-15 Med-Large Heads

More flowers is always better.

​** Include several stems of greenery per candle. 

Flower Preparation:

Cut flower stems to about 5" long, place in a ziplock bag with some papertowels and DO NOT zip the bag closed!!

You can get a FREE box at the post office. Send the package priority mail (2-3 days). I will let you know when I receive them. More flowers is always better!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 757-539-0306

Bowdens Candle Creations

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Tina Bowden


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